My LG Portable Hard Drive 500gb fell and it stop working.

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Hi everyone,

This is the worst day of my life.

My first portable hard drive was accidentally dropped on the floor, it fell about at a table's height. I panicked and tried to see if its still working, to my horror, it wasn't. 

If there is someone who knows about portable hard disk repair, is there a possibility to still salvage and repair my hard disk? High price is not a problem for me, but the contents of my hard disk were priceless. I'm really hoping someone could give their expert opinion on this matter.

Thank you for reading.  Hoping for a quick response from the great Techyv guys out there.

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My LG Portable Hard Drive 500gb fell and it stop working.


I’m sorry to hear that, but don’t panic, there might be a chance to recover it.  It would be helpful if you create a back up of your drive.  If not, you have to do back ups in the future to prevent data loss.  Since your hardware was dropped, it will probably have a ticking noise when you try to turn it on.  This means that the read/write head might have been damaged.

Let’s try these steps:

  • Try to plug your hard drive to another computer.  If the new computer can recognize it, we’ll try to run the data recovery software.  You can search on the Internet for the data recovery software that suits you best.
  • Once you have the software, install it and click on “run”
  • You will see your hard drive displayed by the software.
  • Select you hard drive and follow the instructions.

Now, if the external hard drive when plugged to another computer, then its time for you to bring it a computer shop to recover your data.

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