My laptop has become very slow

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Hi friends,

I have the Dell laptop that train. So I opted to make him clean by removing temporary files with the help of CCleaner and doing a disk cleanup, but since it is compounded it has become super slow start again. It almost crashes all the time and found that several programs are deleted Microsoft office, Skype …

The problem that I have not created a restore point ahead and I don't want to opt for the solution of formatting because, I don't want to lose my data

What you advise me to do a system repair? Or you propose another trick?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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My laptop has become very slow


There are a few factors to consider why your computer or laptop is slowing down.

First is Basic Maintenance

Computers tend to slow down and will display  some of its errors and crashes just like any other machines. In most cases, the hard drive could be the problem of this scenario. There are free software that  are far more effective than the default operating systems tools which can be downloaded. Also, have you tried disk defragmenting? This method allows the files to be arranged or consolidate files depending on their usage in order to have a quick access to the file whenever it is called. If check disk wont resolve this problem then please try to defragment your disk.

Second is too many startup items

Startup items will slowdown the startup and shutdown process of your computer. During startup, those presets are loaded unto memory thus slowing down the process. Even during shutdown, the handles of those items will be released first before shutdown. Try to limit your startup items. If you are a windows user, you can type "msconfig" at the command prompt. The system utility window will appear and go to the startup tab and you will be given choices which programs you will need to run at start up.

Note*    Do not disable your installed antivirus on msconfig.

Third is too much graphics

Too much decoration, accessories, widgets can be very appealing to the eye but it sacrifices more RAM or memory. Try minimizing those stuffs. These includes themes that has a heavy requirement, sidebars, fences, animated wallpaper and screensavers.

4th is files are saved directly from desktop

Is your desktop full of files instead of program shortcuts? The two common partitions are the C: and D: where the operating system is placed in C: and other programs while files are saved on D and so on. Make sure to maintain at least 200mb of space in your C: to ensure system stability. Even if you still have much space in C, just transfer your files in D or in any partition for faster performance.

Lastly are viruses.

Viruses nowadays are very smart. Even if  you do perform a system restore wont take effect since they are already hiding on the systems volume information and can be triggered back anytime. One of the best method is to perform a boot time scan using your antivirus. Every antivirus has these feature. Schedule the antivirus for boot time scan and restart your computer.

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My laptop has become very slow


Run disk cleanup and disk defragmentation through system tools.

Limit your startup programs.

Remove malfunctioning toolbars and browser extensions.

Empty your desktop ( more folder on your desktop can cause your system to perform slower.

Run Reginout Scan

Scan your system for viruses.


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