My Dungeon Lords game stopped running

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My Dungeon Lords game stopped running and is giving me the error message “TerrQuad_Read Terra0bj file info::invalid slot #3” while trying to leave Far grove. Please help me resolve the issue.

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My Dungeon Lords game stopped running


The reason as to why you are getting that problem may be because that game may be a bit older and designed for an older version of the operating system that you have on your computer. That kind of error is a not-so-uncommon error when it comes to Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. To resolve it, you will need to try the following:

  • You will need to set compatibility for the game to "Windows XP."
  • If the above does not help resolve the problem, you will need to try running the game as the administrator and see if that will work.

Before you carry out the processes above, you will need to first of all backup important data on your computer, for the processes sometimes may lead to loss of data.

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My Dungeon Lords game stopped running


Don’t get surprised if you get this error when playing Dungeon Lords because the game is really buggy in the first place. The game Dungeon Lords is a fantasy RPG game developed by David W. Bradley of Heuristic Park and published by Typhoon Games and DreamCatcher Games released in 2005.

It received many bad comments and reviews when it was released like the game was incomplete and yet it was released. Some say the game is still in the beta stage. The bad comments stem from various bugs contained in the version 1.0 release specifically onscreen buttons and tutorials which don’t work.

If you are looking for a solution on the problem for this game, I don’t think you will find any. That’s because even with the release of the final patch for Dungeon Lords, version 1.4, to address the issues the game still suffers from numerous bugs and many features missing.

JoWood Productions acquired Heuristic Park, the developer, and DreamCatcher Games, the publisher, and all further development and support for the Dungeon Lords game has been terminated. If you love this game, it would be better to shift to Dungeon Lords MMXII, a completely re-mastered version of Dungeon Lords which was released in April 2012. For more info, visit Dungeon Lords MMXII.

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