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My desktop is newly  installed  XP Operating system but my audio didn't work.

Can anyone suggest possibilities. where i can start checking and sorting the issue

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Audio card to be checked if connected properly, Audio drivers is Installed completely  with  manufacturing  specifications and Giudelines.if not working changes a new one.

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Mostly of a newly installed operating system in windows that audio is not working  is lack of device drivers installed especially the audio controller driver, that make the audio fully workable.

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First thing you should check is the audio driver if it is properly installed.

1) Click start button

2) Click right button of mouse in the Computer

3) Click Properties

4) Click on the Hardware tab

5) The click on the Device Manager button

Then check if there are yellow warning signs in the audio device. If your audio device has yellow warning sign, then you need to install the audio driver. Insert your motherboard CD in the CD Drive or insert the CD to the CD Drive that comes when you purchase your computer.

Then click right button of mouse. Then select update driver. it should detect the audio driver in the CD.

Another solution is locate the Driver\Audio folder in the motherboard CD and run the setup.exe to that folder.

If in case you do not have the motherboard CD, you can search the internet to look for your motherboard driver by opening the website of the brand on your motherboard. Then Download the audio drive and install it. 

Just make sure that the audio device in the device manager has no yellow warning sign.