Computer won’t open after being hit by a lightning

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Good Day to All,

I just want to ask what is the problem with my desktop computer because last night my broadband antenna got hit by a lightning then my computer wont start anymore i try to check what is the problem but i couldn't figure out what's the problem with my computer this is the first time that i encounter this type of problem and i don't want to buy another computer for now cause of financial difficulties and don't want to lose all the important files in my hard drive. Please if someone can help me with my problem. thank you..

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Computer won’t open after being hit by a lightning


The first thing you need to check is if the computer led is still lit up when you power on your computer. Probably your computer power supply is the only one that has been damaged by the power surge. Use another power supply to check if this is only the problem.

If not successful there is a possibility that your Motherboard is fried up! You have replaced it with a new one. There are high chances also that all peripherals on your Motherboard are damaged. I suggest if this is the scenario then better have a new computer.

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Computer won’t open after being hit by a lightning


Good Day Toper232,

I want to be honest with you, your problem is a little bit difficult but I guess, my research would help you. Well, let's do it step by step, according to you, your broadband was hit by lightning, in that case, your pc may suffering from a too much electric power shock. I'm expecting that when the incident happened, your broadband is still connected with your pc. In that sense, I want you to check the following parts of your computer and maybe it could help you.

Here's the troubleshoot steps that you should follow:

1. Check your system unit, check if the LAN connection cable is okay, if ever there will be no problem, just move to the next step.

2. Open your system unit, look if ever there are wire/s that has been damage because of the lightning, if ever there is no problem, I think you must read the following recommendations:


1. Try to borrow or buy AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulator, this is a device that controls all the current that your pc will used and it will be the one to stop all the unnecessary electricity.

2. Just let you pc rest for a while, maybe three days or more, then check if the result is still the same. If ever the result is still the same, I think it will be the right time for you to make a check-up operation for your pc.

3. Lastly, if ever there are wire/s that was damaged, call for a friend who knows different wiring classification so that you will be now have an idea on what wire you should buy. This may cause an expense to you but for sure, less from the expense that you will have if you buy a new one. 

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