My computer cannot recognized Mikomi web cam.

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I bought a Mikomi web cam variety new from an identified distributor – I want to try it so, I download the driver software but when I install it, I got the error message notification “The device cannot be found”. I think my web cam is not being recognized by my pc. Do you think that the problem is the web cam or the driver that I installed? I need some advice in here. Thank you in advance!

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My computer cannot recognized Mikomi web cam.



You didn’t specify what kind of Operating system are you using.

First you should check device manager for your web cam. Is there a some kind of error message related to your web cam?

You can try to delete camera and to proceed with re-installing  your web camera.

Try this site for drivers:

It’s a producer for Mikomi and there should be model of your web camera. Just download drivers and try to install it.

If you still have a problem maybe there is an issue with usb connection. Try some other usb port on your computer to connect your camera. You should get some message from device manager when you connect your web cam to computer. If you don’t have, maybe web cam is broken.

I hope that this will help you.


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My computer cannot recognized Mikomi web cam.


If the driver was not included in the package when you bought the webcam, when downloading check that the driver you are downloading is the one designed for your webcam model and supports your current operating system. If you installed the driver and it is not compatible with your operating system, your computer will still not be able to detect your device.

If you verify that the driver you downloaded is compatible with your machine, try transferring the USB cable of the webcam to another USB port then try again. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find a website for Mikomi webcams because technically, “Mikomi” is a trademark used under license from Argos companies. That’s why, technically, you won’t be able to find a website for support.

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