My charger Making High Pitched noise

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Hello experts,

I am hearing a high pitched noise every time I unplugged my charger. I'm sure that I am hearing this noise but I am not sure what causes it. I tried another charger to check if its just the same but there is no noise on this one. I don't have any hearing problems so I am certain that this is correct. Does anybody have any idea about it?


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My charger Making High Pitched noise



Here I am to inform you that you are not super human. This is because there is a little ratio that some charger emits very high pitch noise. See the same problem here.

The reason is because the transformer in your charger vibrates faster, thus produces high pitch noise. Maybe your charger use higher frequency charger compared to other brands of charger.

If the charger keep produce high pitch noice that annoys you, you should go to your charger's producer's service center.

If you think just knocking on your charger could work, you are wrong.

Just follow that step above.

That's all.

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