MSoft decline to learn it (from Mac OSX)

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It updated all right then got a handful extra update however after a half hour with 4 -5 "reboots" it appeared ready to go. 

But I required a VST host to make use of a few Windows only plug-ins.

I set up the eLicenser which had to act its own updates…as well as to my VMware USB menu showed all the dongles capped in the Mac. 

Then I incited Wavelab 7 but then another Red Crossed showed saying it can’t get the WMVCORE.dll file. 

Then I downloaded only the .dll file, and copied it in the registry and in the Wavelab file, that threw away the initial error message just to show a fresh more cryptic one:


WaveLab7_64.exe – Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to
close the application.


I'll make an effort to download WMPlayer at present in case it sets up another voodoo type files Wavelab requires… 

But MSoft decline to learn it (from Mac OSX): aim the Core OS to launch by itself with no reliance on "accessory" plans like IExplorer as well as now I locate WinMplayer. 

I need a solution about all of this. Please give me a solution.

Thanks a lot.


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MSoft decline to learn it (from Mac OSX)



Maybe the WMVCORE.DLL file that you downloaded from a website is from a different version and is not compatible with your system’s present version. Since the DLL file came from a website, I’m sure there is also an option there to know the file’s present version so you would know even before downloading it if the file will work on your system or not. If the file is from a 32-bit system and your operating system is on a 64-bit version then it will surely not work.

If this problem was the result of updating a particular application on your computer then you should try uninstalling it then install it back. Or it would be much better if you will just uninstall it then download the latest version to simply replace your present version with the latest.

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