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While working on a school project I got stuck with a problem, I cannot update my database placed on a remote Windows Server and created in MS Access but published by MS Publisher. I was making some changes on my database (I have a copy of the database on my computer [offline working]) which I want to update on my webpage. I connect to my server remotely, and I open the access database, the update goes to 100% and than occurs an error, It says: "database could not be updated this time due to internet connection failure, please try again later.". I have tried this 10000 times it never works, any ideas???

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Dear Alexandermeyers,

First make sure you are allowed to connect to the system you are trying to access where the Microsoft Access database is placed. To check the possibility perform following tests.

  1. Ping the IP address of remote machine.
  2. Ping the server with machine name if failed its DNS issue.
  3. Try accessing the remote machine if you cant you are not allowed to login remotely first enable it at both sides.
  • To do this right click “My computer” open “Properties” click “Remote” tab. Click both check boxes “Allow Remote Assistance Invitations to be sent from this computer” and “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer”. 

Now try connecting remotely it is successful. Upload Data.