Mp3 as a ringtone on an Android phone

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I have HTC Wildfire with Android v2.1 (Eclair). How to use mp3 files stored in my memory card as a ringtone?

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Mp3 as a ringtone on an Android phone


The Androids OS has built-in support playing any mp3 audio files so you can play any of your favorite mp3 file as your ringtone. All you need to do is:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Or you can use a mircoSD adapter to connect your SD card to your computer.
  2. Open the root folder (main directory where all files are placed) of your SD card. You can access it from My Computer
  3. In the main directory create a new folder and name it as Ringtones.
  4. Copy your mp3 files in this new Ringtones folder on your SD card.

Now you are ready to play the files.

  1. Go to the main screen of your phone and tap on the menu
  2. Then select Settings
  3. Then select Sound and then Phone Ringtone
  4. From the list of ringtones select your one of your choice and then tap on OK

And it should be working!

You can also play your favorite songs in MP3 format as your ringtones. You can also extract a small part from them by using free software like Audacity (with LAME encoder).

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Mp3 as a ringtone on an Android phone


If an old Nokia N70 phone can use any MP3 music file as its ringtone then you can also do it with your HTC Wildfire Smartphone. Here is the simplest way you can personalize the ringtone of your HTC Wildfire handset and use your favorite MP3 song as its default ringtone.

First is to press on Menu and then select Settings. After that, select Personalize. Next, select Default Ringtone to display the menu options. Choose your ringtone from the list and then press OK. If you have an SD card, the other way is to create a folder called “Media” in the root of your SD card.

Inside the “Media” folder create another folder called “Audio”. And inside “Audio” create several folders and name them as “Alarms”, “Notifications”, and “Ringtones”. After this simply copy the MP3 files to where you want it to put. This is the best way you can separate your music files according to their purpose.

The easiest way of setting your MP3 file as the ringtone without going to some settings is to go to the music playlist, select your favorite music from there, and then set it as the ringtone.

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