MovieBox Setup- error writing to file 00.exe

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Hello people here. I am trying to install MovieBox to my computer for my videos.

Installer that I tried to use was successful installed to my friend’s computer.

But in my computer it ends up with this error. I know my computer specs meet the software requirement.

I don’t know why it's not working in my computer.

Please help me about it.



MovieBox Setup

Extract: error writing to file 00.exe


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MovieBox Setup- error writing to file 00.exe


Are the operating systems on the two computers of the same version,  for instance both are vista 32 bit version or any other version? If not then that is the possible cause of the problem. The application might not be supported by the version of the operating system that you have, and therefore you will need to find a similar application but that which is compatible to your system.

Go to Google and search for MovieBox setup application, but then make sure that you include the specifications of your system in the search word so as to download the right application. Download it and install. Since it is the right version this time round, when you install it should not cause the error again.

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