Mortal Combat 4 Game error while playing

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Hello friends,

I have recently installed windows XP SP2 on my system P4. I have 512 RAM, Graphic card onboard INTEL 828656 and CREATIVE VOODOO 2 12M PCI.

After I installed Fastvoodoo2 4 my game Mortal Kombat 4 is not running despite all the required specs. It gives an error on loading and then disappears from screen. The screenshot of the error is attached below:

 The error reads as:


"EXCEPTION C0000005 at address 1001F7CA"

Any ideas what might be wrong with the game, I'll be really thankful for your advice.

Looking forward to your suggestions



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Mortal Combat 4 Game error while playing



Hello steven,

I hope you are in problematic situation and are finding to get an successful answer of it. After following the indication you will be able to eradication of mortal combat 4 associated error problem.

Firstly you should uninstall the installed file and then reinstall it to repair convenient error or disrupting file. The problematic reason because GLIDE2x.dil and GLIDE3x.dll of FASTVOODOO 2 those are not compatible with Mortal kombat 4.

You need to unpack 1st glide drivers and substitute the glide2x.dll , GLIDE3x.dll in windows Xp at system 32.


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Mortal Combat 4 Game error while playing


Hello Steven,

If you have not been able to run Mortal Kombat since you installed it then it is most probable that what you are getting is a compatibility issue. To resolve it, you will need to do the following:

  • Check your system specs.
  • After that check Mortal Kombat and ensure that it is compatible.
  • If it not, you will need to get a version that is compatible and then install it.



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