Monitor is turned ON, but there is no picture!

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I have a problem with my monitor. It is Hyundai N91S 19" monitor. It started to act weirdly last week.

When I turn it ON, there is no picture on the screen. Screen is absolutely blank.

LED status light on the monitor is blue, as if there is no problem. 

Everything is perfectly connected and other monitor works perfectly!

Please provide the solution.

Thanks in advance!

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Monitor is turned ON, but there is no picture!



If you stated that when you plug in other monitors to that specific CPU, then that means that the Video Card and/or Motherboard is working fine.  Which then tells us that there is a problem with your Monitor, possible the cable.

1. I would try the same Monitor but with a different VGA Cable-Meaning the cable that goes from the monitor to the cpu, it self. (You can use any of these cables if your cpu is compatible- VGA to VGA or VGA to DVI.)

2. If it does not work, then I would check the Male Port or Female Port on the Monitor where you plug in the Blue or Black VGA Cable and make sure it has all of the required pins, sometimes they may be bended/ broken..and that is a hardware problems that Most of the time makes the monitor totally unworkable. And sometimes an Expert-Technician has to replace it, if the situation allows to.

Thanks and Hope it works

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Monitor is turned ON, but there is no picture!


Hello Antonio.

It's a pretty common problem that I encounter with LCD monitors especially those that are always plugged in (even if it is turned off by the push button switch) such as in the office.  

What I usually do is unplug the monitor, wait for about 5 minutes then plug it back in.  

I know it sounds crazy and unscientific but I assure you it works.  I am not exactly sure yet why that happens but it seems to me that some component or perhaps even the firmware of the monitor gets messed up after being plugged in for so long.  

Even if the switch is turned off the internal circuits still draw a small amount of power.

Hope this helps!

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