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I drew a text box using visual designer. I inserted a text in the text box and it looked okay but when I did a preview on the page, the text appeared on two lines. It was like the text was compressed   by the text box. I thought that the text box is small for the text. So I enlarged the text box but still the text cannot fit in. The text is a paragraph title. How do I fix this problem?    

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Hallo Roberttaylor0094,

Have you tried enlarging the text itself? Because the size of the text of the text could be smaller hence it is not fitting in the textbox, and thus when you remove the outline of the textbox you see it as so small and not fit for the paragraph title, and therefore I will suggest that you try enlarging the text.

You should also try changing the font of the text; maybe its default font format is what is making it look so small. Try changing the text to a font format like Times New Roman and see if it will enlarge.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung