Modem Already In Use Problem Connecting To Internet

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I am currently using nokia n73 device to connect to internet using Nokia pc suit using USB cable. I tried using another mobile phone and connected it through usb cable and its working fine.

Whenever i am trying to dial a connection it says Modem is already in use or not configured properly.

My laptop is dell inspiron, i tried contacting them. A repair man came to my house and checked my laptop for the problem. They told me that its not a laptop problem.

Then i searched online to get my issue sorted out and get to know that i am having some configuration problem in my pc..

How to change my configuration to get it properly working ??

Do i have to upgrade my pc suit ?? its working with Nokia 7600.

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Modem Already In Use Problem Connecting To Internet


If your computer shows the message modem already in use or is not configured properly, the problem is that your phone modem may not be identified or is not connected with the computer.

As you said you can upgrade your pc suite and try again. If after upgrading your pc suite you are getting the same message then you can try with the following options.

Please check whether the modem is properly installed on your computer. If you want to check that in windows 7 you can click on the start menu and then you can select the control panel.

In that you can see the phone and modem. Then you can select the modems tab, there you can see the list of installed modems on your computer. Please check whether the modem for your phone is installed there.

Usually separate modems will be installed for connecting through Bluetooth and through the data cable of your phone.

Please select the modem for your phone and then click on the properties button, then you can select the diagnostics tab and in that you will see the query modem button, you can click on that button to query your phone modem if the query result is successful then your modem is working properly.

Some times you may require to enter an extra initialization command in the modem, it depends on the mobile operator you are using, you can contact the customer care of your mobile service provider for the extra initialization command.

For entering the extra initialization command you can click on the change settings button in the general tab, after that you can select the advanced tab and enter the extra initialization command.

You can trouble shoot your device, for that you can select the start button and then select the devices and printers in that you can see your phone if it is connected with your computer. You can right click on the phone icon and click the option trouble shoot.

The computer will check the device and will generate  a report if it has detected some problem with the device. If any defect is detected then you can fix it and try again.

You can check whether the driver for the modem has been installed on your computer. You can also update the driver and check whether the problem is solved. You can check the driver for your phone in windows 7 by right clicking on the computer icon on your desk top and then you can select the properties.

From that you can select the device manager from the available options. Then you can see the list of all the available devices installed on your computer. You can see the installed modems under the options modem.

From that you can select the modem for your computer and then right click on that then you can select the update driver option.

This will update the driver for your phone modem. If you cannot find the modem driver then you should download the driver for your phone from the website of nokia and should install on your computer.

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Modem Already In Use Problem Connecting To Internet


Solution 1: Uninstall and reinstall the modem drivers.
Do the following to uninstall and reinstall the modem drivers:

1. Start the computer in Safe Mode:

a. Turn on the computer and press the F8 key repeatedly when you see the blue HP screen. The Windows Advanced                  Option menu is displayed.

b. Select Safe Mode and press Enter.

c. The Operating System Selection screen is displayed. Press Enter.

When the Windows Log-on screen is displayed, log in as an Administrator. When prompted, select Yes to continue in Safe Mode.

2.Open Device Manager:

a. Click Start , right-click My Computer , and select Manage. The Computer Management window displays.

b. Click Device Manager . The list of devices displays in the right window.

3.Click the plus sign (+ ) sign next to Modem . Right-click the modem name and select Uninstall . Click OK to confirm the uninstall.

4. Restart the computer. Windows detects and reinstalls the modem drivers after restarting.

5. After the computer is restarted, Found new hardware messages display in the lower right corner of the desktop.
Wait for all the Found New Hardware messages to close. Open Device Manager .

6. Open the list of modems and verify the modem is reinstalled.

7. Verify this fixed the error. Create a dial-up connection and connect to the Internet.

If the error is not resolved, continue to Solution 2 .

Solution 2: Release the COM port – Use this solution if Solution 1: Uninstall and reinstall the modem drivers did not resolve the problem.

1. Delete all the dial-up network connections. Click Start , Control Panel , Network and Internet Connections , and Network Connections. .

=> The Network Connections window is displayed. Select each dial-up connection and delete it. Close the Network Connections window.

2. Open Device Manager and expand the list of modems. Double-click the name of the modem. The modem properties window displays.

3. Click the Advanced tab and click the Advanced Port Settings button. the Advanced Settings window is displayed.

4. Click the COM Port Number: drop down list. Select a different port and click OK .

5. Restart the computer.

6. Open Device Manager, open the modem properties window and click the Diagnostics tab.

7. Click Query Modem . A window is displayed. The communication may take several seconds.

8. The modem properties window displays and the Command | Response window is filled in. Click OK to close the window.

9. Verify this fixed the error. Create a new dial-up connection according to the information provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

10. Connect to the Internet.

I am sure your problem has been fixed.

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