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Hi! experts,

I am an owner of Nokia 6100 phone, whose firmware version is 5.5, npl-2 Nokia. I am not able to connect my mobile to my server on which I installed redhat Linux 7.0 using Nokia dku-5 cable. My operating system is detecting cable. If I am setting up values of parameters to dku-5, its giving me unsupported connection dku-5. For other cables the software is unable to detect my mobile. I tried gnokii version 0.5 & 0.6, but its not getting connected. I have tried this connection in windows XP which is working fine with my cable. Is there any idea why my server is not detecting this cable for gnokii?. Waiting for reply!

Thank you.

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Unfortunately your Nokia 6100 cannot be detected by Linux.  Nokia 6100 is windows based. You can connect your Nokia 6100 by changing your Operating System or by installing a Virtual Machine. It is easier to use a Virtual Machine than changing your Operating System. I will teach you how to install your Virtual Machine.

1. Download VMware Player.
2. Install VMware player.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Open VMware player.
5. Create a new Virtual Machine using VMware. Setting your desired space of your hard disk and memory. I suggest you just set it for 5-10 GB hard disk space and 256mb memory because you are only using it for your Nokia 6100.
6. Open your newly created Virtual Machine.
7. Insert your Windows XP in the CD drive or you can use .ISO file Windows XP (select .ISO when using this process not the CD/DVD).
8. Install your Windows XP.
9. After the installation, do not cancel the update and installation of your drivers.

VMware will automatically install your drivers you do not have to install it again.

10. When the installation of your drivers is complete you can now install your Nokia 6100 software in your VMware.
11. Poof! Now your computer can detect your Nokia 6100 just like magic.

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I would suggest to turn log level to the maximum, maybe extra log messages could reveal something.

For this phone you can also use AT driver, as they all have a built in hardware modem.

Using jre 1.4, caused the problem so we switched to jre 1.3.1.

And final solution is:
Nokia Connection Manager has detected Nokia 6100 connected to server,checked the data bearer, WDP_SMS_DRIVER_LOCALADDRESS has been set to MSISDN of the attached Nokia 6100 in the format, WDP_SMS_DRIVER_SMSC has been set to the Message Center number of the SMSC Center. (from Messages > Message Settings > SMS Center Message Center Number), Network Types – all GSM-related items are selected, user_filter pass all policy, UDP bearer has been configured and started successfully.

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