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I’ve been frustrated lately, since my Microsoft Outlook 2007 was not function properly. It gives me a strange (according to me) error message when I click the Send/Receive button. It said: “Not Implemented”. Just like that. How can I search for help, if the error message was only two words? But I’m hoping that here I can find somebody to give me some solution or any recommendation. Thank you guys…


Not Implemented

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I get this error one time before, Not Implemented but that was when I used the Beta version of Outlook.

This error message is caused by Microsoft Exchange when you try to click send and receive email. It is attempting to connect to the server but it failed.

The "Simplest" way to resolved this is to repair Outlook 2010. Steps below are the solutions;

* Go to Start, Control Panel, Uninstall a Program
* Look for Outlook 2010 software, click on repair
* This will diagnose the problem and it should repair the software automatically

The second "Simplest" way to solve this is to start from scratch.

* You will need to uninstall and re-install this software
* Go to Start, Control Panel, Uninstall a Program
* Look for Outlook 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010), remove it
* Restart your computer and re-install it back

By doing these steps, it will clean out the software registry and should fix the problem.

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This error sometimes happens after updating Microsoft Office Outlook. And since it is not clear whether this problem happened after you updated Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, then maybe it is the same issue. The problem is caused by the add-ins installed on Microsoft Office Outlook that you were not able to open.

To fix it you need to disable the faulty add-in. Open Microsoft Office Outlook then go to Tools, Trust Center, and then Add-ins. Click the Go button you see beside Manage – COM Add-ins and then uncheck the add-ins. Click OK after that and then restart Microsoft Office Outlook. Check to open add-ins. See the image below for reference.

If this method doesn’t seem to fix the issue with your Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, try creating a new Profile and then check it again. But on the other hand if creating a new profile also didn’t fix the problem, it would be best to repair or uninstall Microsoft Office Outlook and then install it again.

Sharath Reddy