Microsoft Excel error has occurred

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While using Microsoft Excel, I went for saving data and exporting it. But it shows me the error like the one in the screenshot. Can anyone please explain the issue and solve it please?

Cannot save or export XML data


“Microsoft Excel

Cannot save or export XML data. The XML maps in this workbook are not exportable.”

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Microsoft Excel error has occurred




  Hi Christopher,

XML mapping cannot be exported if it contains one of the following XML schema constructs:

·          List of lists    One list of items contains a second list of items.

·          Denormalized data    An XML list contains an element that has been defined in the schema to occur

once (the maxoccurs attribute is set to 1). When you add such an element to an XML list, Excel fills the list column with multiple instances of the element.

·          Choice  :  A mapped element is part of a <choice> schema construct.


Excel does not import the XML data properly ( for an immediate export.. You will need to adjust it before you can export it.  It needs to be set up a little bit further before you can export it. You don't need to do it every single time. There is a link on the bottom of the XML source task pane.  Verify Map for Export.  You can click on that. If it says denormalized data. It is not good.  If it says your map is exportable  then you have it..



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