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Hey guys! I am using word 2003, and last night I was doing my report and all was fine.

And this morning when I open my report an error pop up and said that:

Microsoft Word

An error occurred while creating an error report.

What is that all about?

Can you help me to solve this problem?


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Sorry for this I am sure it was could have made you panic and even angry. You can use the internet Explorer error report tool to uncover such errors. This tool can be used on any version of the internet explorer. You can get this tool from the website

Follow this steps to download and install the tool if you are running explorer versions. Select product updates on the windows update's main page. Scroll moving down to locate internet explorer Error Reporting. Check the correspond box and then at the top of the page click download. The bad news is that this tool does not work on XP and other later versions. Remember to restart your computer after the installation.