Microsoft Dynamics GP missing table?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP make my work easy. I never had any problems with it. All files that are proceeded on the main computer are back up and every data update that had been made.

Some of the computers need to be refreshed so we install Windows XP professional and when we are doing that we wanted to update Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For the first time when I tried to run program I got an error message.

Can someone please help me? I don't want to lose any data.



Microsoft Dynamics GP

A get/change first operation on table

‘ASI_MSTR_Explorer_Favorites_OrderBy’ cannot find the table.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP missing table?


Hello Johnathon,

To solve that issue you will need to try rebuilding the smartlist tables, but when doing that you will to be so keen about any favorites. You might need to rebuild the favorites manually using the procedure below:

You will need to drop the tables and then create them again, and thereafter you will drop the auto procedures which are on the smartlist product and the create them again, and this should be done in both dynamics and all the databases that you have.

Just try the process and see if it help solve the issue.


Lee Hung


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Microsoft Dynamics GP missing table?


Hello there,

From the error any one can simply understand that this is a table missing problem. Now this problem can be solved in so many ways. First if you had any back up of the database tables in your computer than this work become easier. Just go to tools select integrate and from there table import, now chose the table you want to bring to the database and just close the MS Dynamic GP than start again.

Another way of doing this is, creating and dropping tables. Simply check drop table, create table, drop auto procedure and create auto procedure. Select dynamic in database and in product smartlist.

There are also some other ways are available but those are kind of coding or script work, so I am not showing so much interest in that.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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