The method or property does not exist

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Every time I am getting this error when I hit run or build button in rb2006 r2 on Ubuntu dapper drake

The method or property does not exist


An error has occurred while compiling this project.

Message: This method or property does not exist.

File: untitled

Component: Window1

item: Window1

How to I resolve this?

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The method or property does not exist



Hello there Rodriguezscotte,
The explanation of the error you're getting would be that you've used a syntax as a method or a property in the used syntax is not that. The error can also occur when you use a variable with the equals sign.
Double check your code to see if there are any conflict lines.
However, the problem is most likely caused by a bug and not by a bad code. The version of the application you are using is RC2 and it is quite normal to step on bugs in RC versions of the software. The RB2006r2 has the known bug that generates this error every time when it tries to prepare a plugin. As a workaround you can use the previous version of the software to prepare a plugin and then compile it in the current version.

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