Meaning of Parameters in Oracle

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What does Parameter means in oracle report?

Please help me with this.

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Meaning of Parameters in Oracle


Hi There,

In the Oracle report a parameter is that variable whose value can be set at runtime.

For Example,

From the modifying Select statements and setting the PL / SQL variables at run time.  Report builder can create automatically a set of system parameters at runtime, but you can create your own parameters. You can make the reference parameters in the report. Such as in PL / SQL provides conditional logic for the report.

One of the important thing is “You can delete or rename a user parameter only. But you can’t delete or rename a system parameter.”

Most of the Oracle Reports are generally consisted of the most of  following system parameters. The parameter and their short description are given in following.


Denotes the number of report copies that should be made when the report is printed.


This is the output format for the report e.g. PDF, HTML, CSS, RTF, XML, SPREADSHEET, DELIMITED (CSV), or DELIMITED DATA for Bitmapped report.


This Denotes the name of the output device e.g. File name, Printer’s Name, Mail User ID.


This denotes the type of device that will receive the report output. E.g. SCREEN (To format the report using screen font), File Printer, Mail, Sysout, Cache or Local File.


This Denotes whether the report will run in Character mode or Bitmap.


This Denotes that the print direction for the report. (Landscape, Portrait, Default)


This denotes whether the print job dialog box will appear before is run

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