Maxwell 2.5 shows Open MXS File Error

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I just got Maxwell 2.5 when go from a modo scene and click on the Maxwell Render button Maxwell starts and I get this error ! Any idea would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Open MXS File Error

Open MXSFile Error:

/Users/Rakan/Library/Application Support/

Luxology/Plug-ins/Maxwell plugin for Modo/Default

Export/scene.mxs cannot be read


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Maxwell 2.5 shows Open MXS File Error

Hi there Marjorie B Danek,
The first thing to do is to check if your file really is located in the stated folder. Open your explorer and follow the path mentioned in the error. If you cannot find the file scene.mxs inside, you will need to locate it using search and move it to the mentioned folder.
Another possible cause of the problem is the incompatibility of your export plugin and the Maxwell. In case you are using the export plugin that is newer than your Maxwell version, Maxwell won't be able to recognize the file and therefore it won't be able to open it but will return you the error instead. To resolve this, either downgrade your export plugin or upgrade the Maxwell, whatever suits you the best. All updates can be found at the, in the download area of the Customer Gateway.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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