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My screen saver was function very fine until this day that makes tough for me on making it normally. I just remembered that prior to the malfunction several changes was made to my computer. Such things like I installed Skype, Visual Basic 6.0 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. I also upgraded my video card and changed my USB to Wireless mouse. I might think one of this is the reason behind my problem.

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Your problem was because of changing the connection to a wireless device. You are currently using Windows Vista and it has also limitations. One of those is; after you done the connection of a wireless device. That's the reason why your screen saver doesn't work now.

Try to update your system the latest one updated KB911895 and install it. Observe this one if it works upon your issue. Go to the link where you will download it; Also some updates should need to be installed after downloaded. Just follow then further instruction. Then see now if your screen saver works.

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Well Windows Vista experience some problems with using a wireless mouse device and other wireless input device which cause screensavers and other power saver feature not to work normally. But Windows have already uploaded a patch to fix this problem in Windows Vista is available for download at windows update server.

First, Open RUN window press CTRL + R, then type msconfig --> click on startup tab, now disable by uncheck it this entry PCMService.exe. Restart your computer when told so.

Second, Open your internet browser and open the site for windows update. Locate for an update on "Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter", just download it and wait until installation is finished.