Making an external cam as my default cam

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I have an in-built camera in my laptop but I want the receiver to have much more quality video. So I want to make the external cam as the default cam. How can I do this? I can't find a tab in settings.

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Making an external cam as my default cam


Hey Diego Lee,

To make your external work as your default webcam , the first thing you will have to do is to disable you r default webcam.There are different ways of doing that.But I would like to suggest you to change it from the BIOS setting of your computer.Its really easy,don't panic if you don't know as i am going to tell about the process

Step 1:- restart your PC and then while it restarts you should press f2 or f3 continuously depending on your PC you are using

Step 2:- The boot menu comes up , you have to choose hardware/peripherals

step 3: select the camera and disable it. and exit from there but make sure to save the changes.

step 4:- now boot the computer normally and now your default camera should not work.and if you still have got some problem ,go to hardware and select your external webcam and make it as default webcam.

P.S. You may need to restart your PC to make it work

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Making an external cam as my default cam


Hello Diago,

Sometimes we find that built in cameras in laptops are just not encourage to satisfy our needs. If that is the case Skype lets you change the built in camera and set an external camera as default.

  1. Insert your USB Web cam
  2. Go to Skype and Login
  3. Go to the Tools option and select Options
  4. Click on General and select Video settings
  5. There you will see a drop down menu
  6. Select your desired devise

If you want to keep it this way be sure to insert your USB Web cam before you start Skype.

P.S. You cannot find a tab in settings because you are not logged in

I hope this end your dilemma.

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Making an external cam as my default cam


HurRraH ! ! It worked. Gajora and Tepait, Thank you both for your help and both of the solutions produced the very desired result. Thanks to you both and Techyv for getting me out of this.

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