Making digital paintings for game models using V-Ray/Photoshop

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 Hi there! I have some creative stuff particularly some digital paintings which I did using some computer programs. I just want to ask a few questions in order to make some corrections/adjustments for what I did. I am currently working on game models for computer games. In order to create models for computer games, do I have to use V-Ray?  Or should I use paint textures using Photoshop instead? Here’s a sample of what I’ve done. It’s a model with textures. Please try to view “”. I tried my best working on this but it ended up with a funny, cartoonish image. It really looks odd. Can you help me on how to make it real cool? I want it to have a shiny metal texture. Thanks for your input on this problem.

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Making digital paintings for game models using V-Ray/Photoshop


Hi Altonn,

You can make your models more cool and attractive by your DP tools or color correction. Like i have done, You can see in the attachments

How to do this 

You have to use your DP tools like Dodge tool, Burn tool, Sharpen tool for your best DP editing.


* For making the shines you have to use dodge tool and have to working on the pixels.

* For reducing the cartoonish Characteristics work on this layer's borders and make it smooth according to shades. 

   You can do it by selecting Liquify. Go to Filters > Click on the Liquify. 

* Work with Color Correction like B/C. By adjusting contrast and brightness you can make it more attractive.

   You can do this by selecting image > Adjustment > Brightness/ Contrast.

Try this.


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