Magazines related to computers and Information Technology

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Hello everyone! We all know that all the information is available on the Internet these days, but recently I developed this hobby of collecting computer / IT related magazines. So can someone suggest some good magazines related to computer and information technology which are worth reading and which will definitely increase my knowledge related to computer?

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Magazines related to computers and Information Technology


Hello Kelly!

There are many IT Magazines that you can include in your list. Read the following cited best IT Magazines circulated.

1. SmartComputing Magazine. This is the one, not just “one of the best” but the best magazine for IT. They provide information in an interesting manner and not bombarded by advertisements.

2. Maximum PC magazine. This is a good magazine also but focuses on Microsoft. This provides insight for people who are working in IT industry and for those who are interested also.

3. Wired Magazine. Provides up to date information in IT technology. This doesn’t discuss how IT devices works but what are the new trends in technology.

PCWorld, MacWorld, Windows IT Pro, PC Magazine, Technology Review and many more that are out and circulated to provide not just how IT stuff works but also how people working with it and people using it interacts with modern world.

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