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I cannot locate the password for the cd key of the konami soccer game pes 2013. How and where can I get the pes 2013 password for the cd key. Please help, I am stuck.

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That password you are saying for the CD key of the game you have is really not a password but an activation combination or an activation code. This is mainly used to activate the product after the trial period has expired. You reached this part of the product probably because the total amount of time that the game has allotted for the trial period has already been consumed. This is the part were the game disables itself and will now ask you to enter the activation code for you to use the product again.

The best option here is to buy the activation code or like what you said, the password for the CD key, from the game’s official website. But doing this will require you to pay a certain amount of fee for the activation code. After doing the transaction, your CD key will then be sent to your email address which is specified in the form you filled. Just check your email after a couple of days maybe then just apply it to your game.

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I’m not sure if finding or downloading the CD key for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 from anywhere in the web will bring good results since the one you are asking is somewhat like a key generator or in simple words, something that will manipulate and  generate the activation code. Most of the CD key generators that you can get from the web are infected with Trojan virus.

I’m not sure if there is a way of acquiring the registration key besides buying it from the website. If you really want to have the product key, you would have to buy the full version to get the CD key. You can usually do this from the website where the game is sold or downloaded.

If you plan to use a generated serial, you are endangering the security of your machine since all of these are virus-infected most especially Trojan horses. The chance of getting a really clean serial, manipulated or keygen is 1 out of 100. You must be an advanced user if you decide to do this part. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has a demo version and can be downloaded from softonic® - enjoy software! | Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. This version works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and is around 1 GB to download.

Sharath Reddy