Looking for bear share mp3 downloads

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Hi Experts,

I have download bear share, But I don't know How to download mp3 songs and what type of files can I download using Bear share. Please suggest how to use bear share mp3 downloads.


Best Regards.

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Looking for bear share mp3 downloads


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us, you can use bearshare very easily just follow the following steps:

1. Download the song which you want from Bearshare.
2. Go to http://mediaconverter.org/.
3. Please select what type of conversion you want to perform.
4. On step two and select the file which you want to convert, Click next.
5. Click next AGAIN.
6. It will start downloading and converting.
7. After downloading and converting is done click "Download Now".
8. Locate your file which you have downloaded.
9. It will be in the format in which you want it.

I hope this will help you.


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Looking for bear share mp3 downloads


Hi Matthew,

I am from BearShare Support and would like to explain the different track types available in BearShare.

1) Premium Tracks | Gold CD icon

Premium Tracks are all in WMA format and in 128 bitrate. If you purchase a monthly subscription or have a free trial you can  download as many as you wish.

If you will purchase the BearShare To Go subscription, it will allow you to download your premium music to your portable device (Compatible with http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows portable devices).

2) Purchased Tracks | Boxed Gold CD icon

You can purchase Premium Tracks in MP3 format, in 320 bitrate, in order to burn them to a CD, or transfer them to an
MP3 player.

To buy a song in MP3 format please right-click on the song and select 'Buy MP3'.

3) Peer-2-Peer Unlicensed Media | Green CD icon

Free Peer-2-Peer downloads from other BearShare users. Downloading these does not require a monthly subscription, however please note that any copyrighted content is filtered out.

You can also burn this content or transfer it to an MP3 player freely.

4) YouTube music videos | Purple Video icon

These are videos streamed through YouTube. Streaming these videos does not require a monthly subscription.

You can add them to your library for easy re-access and add them to playlists.

Right click on a YouTube music video and purchase that song in an MP3 audio format in order to burn it to a CD, or transfer it to an MP3 player at your leisure*. 

I hope this helps!

BearShare Support

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