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I have faced login problem since I upgraded my Firefox to version 5. The login does not work, Password check works (red borders) but it redirects after correct login to the current login page. My environment umbraco 4.5.2, iis7, windows server 2008, Firefox 5. Please help me with this.

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Most probably your problem is cookies related. There are few situations when you could face this type of problem. First, its cookies related problem. Clear all of your cookies from system drive (usually people use C as a system drive, system drive- where people set their windows). Usually it is located at C: drive.

One of the reliable ways to find all cookie files on a PC is to use the Find command and search all drives on the system for cookie. Clear your cookies from your browser then confirm it by manual way. If your problem is not solved yet, then uninstall your Firefox and install it again. Better to install a later version.

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I also encounter a somewhat similar problem. My problem originated when I was in the process of logging in to my account. While the page is processing the login, my computer accidentally shuts down. When I opened it again, my account doesn’t display properly anymore. The newly received messages are still highlighted in bold even if I already read its contents.

Clearing the cache and cookies including completely uninstalling Mozilla Firefox and then installing it back seems not helpful. That’s why I decided to use a different web browser and it fixed my problem. Try using a different browser and see if this can fix your problem.

Since you are using version 5 of Firefox, why not try upgrading it to Mozilla Firefox 10.0.2. I’m not sure if this is the latest version but this is the version I’m currently using and I think it is.

Sharath Reddy