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Please describe the internal logic and functioning of the Start PC command or the STRPCCMD. I am using AS/400 and would like to know how it gets connected to other PC commands? Can anyone help me?

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Hopefully you are using a CL program when issuing the STRPCCMD command. Just follow the procedure below to solve your problem:

  • First you will need to define a field that is 123 characters long so as to hold your command - do not make it longer for it will cause an error



  • You then place your command into that field as shown below:

CHGVAR &CMD VALUE("Start http:\\IP address\My webpage.asp?NSN=" *CAT &VARIABLE *CAT " *NO PAUSE"

  • When you have done that, you will then run the command below:


In case that fails to work then I will refer you to the website to have a look:

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