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I have learned the power of MyBB (My Bulletin Board) is a powerful tool for forums.

What are examples of forum sites that are powered by MyBB?

What is their advantage compared to those forums that are not?

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Dear Ann Jolin,

The advantages of a MyBB forum can be summarized as follows:

  1. An engine detector that can be configured easily.
  2. Includes several tools like Calendar and Events.
  3. Contains an alerting system.
  4. A Scheduling system.
  5. Bundled with many templates and themes.
With my best regards,
Don Muench

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Hello there Ann Jolin,
MyBB is a really lovely forum software and I'm sure you'll like it. 
The main good thing about it is that it is a free and open source. That means you can download it, use it, modify it to fit all your needs and as there are more than a few people working on it, it is constantly getting new features and fixes.
It is really easy to use, for both, administrators and end users and has built in plugin system that will allow you to add different plugins that will make your forum one of the kind. 
You can download it from the On the same page you can see the demo of both, front-end and administration that will give you the insight of how everything works.
Community section you will find plenty of live forums and sites built on MyBB.
administrators and end users and has built in plugin system