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My sister's LG phone has a problem. It is started when she overcharged it. It would suddenly restart. And after a few days it stopped working. 

She could not use it anymore. What must be the problem? How can we fix it?

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Hello Ms. Williams,

Once a battery is overcharged it needs to be replace. She said purchase a new battery and find out what kind of battery it is and ask how long she should charge it up for the first time. Most of the time it is good to do a conditioning cycle on the battery. You do this by:

  1. Fully charging it overnight 3 times when you first get the new battery.

  2. Each time let the battery run down completely before charging it up again (she maybe without a cellphone, but it beats having to purchase a new battery again).

Lithium and NiMH Batteries - You have to be very careful with. Charging over and over on this battery and not letting completely died (partially charge) before charging it again will cause damage to it.

NiMH and Nicd Batteries - is a memory battery so if the battery is perpetually being partially charged the memory is effected and thinks there is no space to permit the charge so the battery's life weakened and soon stop working.