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Lenovo's All-In-One desktop recall due to overheating issues might cause some questions regarding the quality of products it is  producing. How will the overheating issue of Lenovo's All-In-One Desktop affect its public market value? How will they assure a more reliable and safe AIO Desktop in the near future?

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The Lenovo Laptop overheating is an ongoing and known issue.

I am pretty sure that the Lenovo engineering team is working overtime on this. My knowledge is limited about the market value but it is definitely disappointing many customers.

The best practices that can be tuned as a work - around (from user's perspective) in the meanwhile would be: -

  • Using your laptop on a cooling kit.
  • Usage of third-party software (preferably TuneUp utilities) to kill unnecessary processes which increases load on the CPU Power.
  • Please ensure to shut down laptop & then isolate from docking station or power adapter when not in use instead of letting it hibernate or sleep.