Learn How To Open A Msi File In Windows 7.

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Hlo, I’m unable to open a msi file in my computer. I’m currently using Windows 7. I hope there’s a solution for it. Help me out in opening a msi file in Windows 7. Thanks in advance.

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Learn How To Open A Msi File In Windows 7.


Hi. Actually there’re a lot of softwares available which can be used to extract the contents of an MSI file but a quick way to get this done is to do it from the command line without using any other application.
You just need to follow some steps in order to do it.
1. Run Command Prompt as administrator.
2. Enter the command written ahead :
msiexec/ path to MSI file/ qb TARGETDIR=filepath to folder where you want to extract it


3. Press Enter.
The MSI file’s content will be extracted.

I hope this helps you out. All the best.

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