Latest database device of 2012.

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What is full form of WURFL?

How it works and how it effect the enterprise?

What are it Pros and Cons?

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Latest database device of 2012.


WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource File) is a big archive of information that will help us to identify browsers, devices and their effectiveness.

By effectiveness we mean the ability to provide numerous features and standards such as image formats, mark-ups, but also the screen size, colors of the screen and so on. WURFL is an open-source project and money is not a requirement here.

The project can implement libraries for the most common programming languages such as Java, Python, ruby, perl. In using WURFL, it doesn’t mean that you can promote a mobile site without testing it with a single device. WURFL just helps you to cover universal dimensional devices.

This will give you the feel of browsing and to spot little mistakes or pitfalls. It will give a better experience to your visitors. It is a universal database of all devices and the API to tap that information programmatically.

  1. Using the WURFL, mobile web sites and application can:
  2. Programmatically hypothetically away devices differences.
  3. Whenever there will be a new device ships, avoid the need to modify applications.
  4. Prevent the need to track new devices on the market.

This is the part where WURFL is smarter than other solutions.

  1. Browsers are dissimilar, but they also have many features in common.
  2. Browsers/devices that come from the same company are most often an evolution of the same hardware/software. In other words, the differences between iPhone 3 and iPhone 3S are essential.
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Latest database device of 2012.


The term WURFL stands for Wireless Universal Resource FiLe and is part of a FOSS or Free and Open Source Software. It is a group of APIs [Application Programming Interfaces] including an XML configuration file which is contributed by different developers or users in a community around the world. It is mainly designed for mobile device detection and contains information regarding device features and capabilities for different mobile devices.

All versions of WURFL until 2.2 were released under open source or public domain license. Luca Passani, the founder of WURFL and Steve Kamerman, author of Tera-WURFL, a well-liked PHP WURFL API, created ScientiaMobile, Inc. in June of 2011. This offers support for commercial mobile detection and services using WURFL.

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