Laptop With Internet Access Anywhere Even While Travelling.

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Internet is one of the basic needs of this generation. WIFI is icing on the cake. We are so used to the net that we need it at home, office and college and even during the travel. It can be infuriating to travel without it. How to connect the laptop with internet access anywhere?

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Laptop With Internet Access Anywhere Even While Travelling.


You can access the Internet anywhere using the laptop's inbuilt wireless networking. First step is to set a network connection.

1) Open start menu.

2) Search System Preferences.

3) Go to the sharing window.

4) Select Internet Sharing.

5) Open the Drop-down menu in the Share your connection tab.

6) Click on active Internet connection.

You can protect your network with a password.

7) Enable the connection by checking the box next to Internet Sharing.

AIRPORT EXPRESS is a powerhouse OD base station. It is used in hotel rooms. These rooms have wired Ethernet in which Express is plugged. This allows you to use the Internet anywhere in the room and share the connection with devices having no Ethernet.

You first need to connect your laptop using Ethernet to activate the connection and the plug into Airport Express. Ensure you activate WPA2 personal encryption so that the connection cannot be used by anyone.

Cell phone tethering turns your phone into a modem. You can switch on your mobile net. Then you can connect the laptop via Bluetooth or as WIFI hotspot. Then your laptop can act as a base station for sharing the connection. 3G adapter connects your laptop to the net over 3G network.

Many of them can be connected by the USB port. You can or cannot share the 3G service via WIFI depending upon the conditions of the manufacturer.

3G WIFI routers can be used for the same. Some may fit it your pocket, some may take space on your shelf or others might be the size of regular desktop routers. Pocket routers allow multiple simultaneous connections and have internal rechargeable battery. No problem will occur if you are far from the power outlet.

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