Knowing recursive relationships in data modeling problem

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Good day!

I have wanted to know about recursive relationships in data modeling and also want to know how to eliminate the same. I have searched and searched through internet by Google but with no luck.

Your ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you…

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Knowing recursive relationships in data modeling problem


Hello Nories,

The recursive relationship in modelling is important especially when you need to perform relational data modelling in cases where an entity bears a relationship to itself.

When modelling using recursive functions, the system architecture that is involved is as follows:

  • First there must be an entity relation diagram, which in it you will create the entity name.
  • You will then add an attribute which you will need to specify with a primary key.
  • Thereafter you will need to draw a non-identifying relationship line which by default should be named 'requires' and it should originate from the entity itself.
  • Then you will need to ensure that primary key in the foreign tab of the relationship definition dialog is listed in the Foreign keys and Roles list.
  • You will then need to select the dictionary and then update the foreign keys.

See example image below for guidance.


Clair Charles

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