Like to know about Subdomain wizard Rapidshare web

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Hello expert, I would like to know about Subdomain wizard Rapidshare web for my own purposes. If you can, Please send me the proper URLs for this site? 

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Like to know about Subdomain wizard Rapidshare web


Hello Avis!

Your question is simple. On each hosting site sub domain wizard steps are same. You need to follow the following steps.

1. First log in and go to administration panel.

2. You need to go to site tab from the left pane.

3. Click on create new site

4. Give name for site in general tab.

5. Now go to publishing setting.

6. Choose FTP method to publish.

7. For the Host (IP address or DNS name) you should use the primary domain name for your hosting account.

8. In the port you need to enter port 21

9. Log in, and password is input to your Cpanel to get login to your site.

10. For Working directory you should supply the full path to the location where you would like the website files stored. It is imperative that this location and the website URL match. Otherwise you wont be able to save the settings. For example if you would like the website published in sub-directory ‘sub’ for your domain name you should enter ‘/public_html/sub’. Note that you should always include the public_html directory in the path as it is the web root for your primary domain.

11. Under Web site URL enter the exact URL where you would like your web site to be accessible. For example

12. Click ‘Verify Location’, and if everything is properly adjusted you will receive a message than publishing is available.

13. Click OK.

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