Keywords used as php mySQL simple content management

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Is Simple Content Management with PHP/MySQL multi-platform compatible and difference between free and commercial script?

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Keywords used as php mySQL simple content management


Hello Bertha,

PHP and Mysql code is compatible with all platforms and that's for sure.

However, when we are talking about creating a Content Management System  you are required to use the File Handling and Directory Strategy. I am sorry to tell you the codes vary between Windows and Mac platforms. Meaning you need to create scripts/codes that are readable on Mac, and codes that are readable in windows. PHP provides functions or methods available for Mac and Windows. You need to use two different codes/scripts for Mac and Windows for your site to be viewed properly by Mac users and Windows Users.

To learn more about that you may consider Kevins Skugland's PHP MySQL Beyond The Basic Training available in Lynda, Com.

  • Free scripts are scripts that are created by volunteering Developers, they are known as Open Scripts. Such as PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, JQUERY, AJAX, HTML, CSS etc…
  • Scripts that are Commercially used are scripts that's usually used within a Company's Software.  Such as Adobe System's Actionscript usually creates Flash or SWF's files, or CML or Cold Fusion Mark Up Language that's used by Adobe Cold Fusion.

Hope this simple thought helps you.

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