“JT65-HF- Cannot Open the Program, New Error Message” What to do?

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Hello everybody,

I am working with JT65 version 1082 from a few months without getting any trouble. But I got an error message as when I tried to open the program. I was given a snapshot of the error message I received.

This is the error message I received.

In 'file"///C:Users/VA3SB/ App Data/Local/JT65-HFstation1.xml' (line 1 Pos 931):Invalid character. 
Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. 
Press Cancel to kill the program 

I tried both options mentioned on that error message but I still wasn’t able to solve this.

My machine is Quad core 3.2 GHz one with Windows 7 64bit. I uninstalled the program by using "Program and Features" in Control Panel but again and again the program failed to load either. I uninstalled and installed it around three times.

Is there anyone who experienced this error?

Please give me your suggestions to solve this error.

Thanks a lot.

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“JT65-HF- Cannot Open the Program, New Error Message” What to do?


I don’t see any problem why you are unable to run this program anymore since like what you said you are using it a few months ago until now when the problem happened. Typically, JT65-HF works with Windows XP and later versions of Windows but it doesn’t support Windows 2000 and earlier versions. Since you already tried reinstalling it a couple of times via Program and Features in Control Panel and still nothing happened, try reinstalling it again by double-clicking on the installer without going to the Control Panel. Uninstall the program again then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install the application again by double-clicking on its setup file then wait for the installation to finish. See if this fixes the problem.

Since you are still using an older version of the program, JT65-HF 1082, you might consider upgrading your version to JT65-HF 1093. To download JT65-HF 1093, you may visit sourceforge — JT65-HF Beta. To know more about the other requirements of the program that you might be lacking, you may visit Google – Groups — JT65-HF – System Requirements.

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