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Hi all,

I just reformatted my PC and installed Windows 7 today (legal version from TechNet).

I made sure before doing so that all my Zune content was backed up.

After re-installing the Zune software and copying all of my music content back to my PC, I got the error message: CAN’T PLAY


This item is no longer available at Zune Marketplace. Because of this, you can no longer play it or sync it with your Zune.

There might be another iteration of it available in Zune Marketplace.

Error Code:


Here is a picture to better describe my problem...

Please help.

Error Code: C00D27E1

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Hello Steve my name is Joyce!

This means that a serious problem has occurred on your computer.

It can be caused by adware or computer infections.

Please follow the following steps for the resolution of the issue:

1. You have to download Microsoft Windows Driver Update which will refresh the drivers that manage your computer.

2. Download a CC00D27E1 fix which will help you fix CC00D27E1 on your system.

3. Get a Spyware remover to help you scan and remove adware, malware or spyware.

You may always get free spyware remover from the internet.

And you would have to go to Microsoft's website to get a new driver update.

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Software is available in the market to solve this problem.

Sometimes the system files or any other software files corrupted by the virus.

Don’t worry only you get the software and solve your problem,

“Windows drivers update” update your system controller drivers.

And install any updated Antivirus on your system and scan your system,

I tell you the best antivirus which used on the internet pc is “Mcafee”.

Don’t use the Avast antivirus. It can damage your system .exe files.

After scanning restart your system and you will find your error repaired.

And it is also necessary to update your windows patch latest available in the market.