Issues with formatting using USB flash disk

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I am Rachel. I am having a problem with my MSI wind U100 netbook. I bought it from a friend and I do not know if she bought it with Operating System already or if she’s the one who installed it. Anyway, my netbook needs reformatting. I have a bootable Microsoft Windows XP CD. My problem now is it does not have a CD-ROM Drive for me to install it. I do not want to spend an external disc since I am not using it.

Good thing, another friend of mine let me borrow his bootable USB flash disk. What’s weird is, whenever I ran the USB, it stops at the middle of the installation with a blue screen. I said it’s weird because that is the same USB my friend used to format his Acer laptop. I cannot remember the error message that the installation gives, but I think it has something to do with not being able to continue with the set up. Also, I see something about chkdsk. How do I go about the installation? Please help in suggesting other USB flash disk options for reinstall. I need experts please.

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Issues with formatting using USB flash disk

  • You MSI wind U100 netbook has a built-in OS which is to be used in case of emergency OS installation. The problem with notebooks today is it is lacking CD/DVD drive in order to make it more portable.
Below are the steps to reinstall your OS without CD/DVD drive.
But be warned that all of your existing files and data will be lost after this.
Here are the steps.
  1. First, restart your netback. 
  2. While restarting, press F3 in your keyboard. When a list of selection is displayed, choose "MSI Recovery Manager". Press Ok, then the system recovery will start.
  3. Wait until it's over, then press Ok to reboot your system.
  4. You can then access your Windows back.
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Issues with formatting using USB flash disk


If you are using a flash drive to install the window then you must use a boot program loaded in your flash to start the process of installation more over you can use a DOS program also in your USB flash disk to make some settings to your system. First you need to format your drive on which you want to install new OS and then you can install your OS. To format the drive you can use DOS program and then can use format command to make a format such that if you need to make a format on C drive then you will write format C: and then press enter it will ask you to start the format process then you can format it and then after the format is completed try to install you window and i am sure it will work fine.

If the problem remains then you need to change your window and install such a window which does not contain any error. You can install one from network or you can install any one which is effective and will not cause any problem. And i am sure you will be able to install new window.

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