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The long -awaited IPO of the Facebook is launched very recently and i think this the biggest IPO of any internet based company ever.

Can you tell me the latest trading positions i e index of the share of Facebook showing?

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Yes you got it right, Facebook's IPO is the biggest IPO for any internet company and also the third highest in history of America (after Visa Inc and GM).  

So far it's not going as expected i.e. according to stats, on average the first day pop (increase) in share price for a technology company is 32%.

Facebook started trading at $38 a share, with in first hour the price achieved it so far pivot that $45 a piece, and ended the day (and week) at $38.23.

Today, even after weekend break Facebook showed signs of tiredness, downtrend started after 2 hours of trading (since market opening) and new lows of $33.00 was achieved. 

Currently it's ranging between $35 and $33.
There are lot of useful resources to keep pace with these indices.