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Hi All,

IPhone to purchase in India online where can i purchase cheapest?


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Dear Yuvraju,

So you want to purchase an iPhone online? Ok, well of course the cheapest is probably on eBay, the website has new and old iPhones, and eBay has also made an Indian version of it. ( So check that out. I have done a little research of my own, I have found some. But I need to know which iPhone you would like iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S. Also which model? 16 GB 32 GB or 64 GB??

Here I made a list of all the best offers:

In iPhone 3GS - 16 GB Unlocked 22,197.30 Rupees

In iPhone 4 - 16 GB Factory Unlocked Free Shipping 25,900 Rupees

In iPhone 4S - 16 GB Unlocked  41,500 Rupees

So that all I have for you my friend, It would have helped If you gave me a budget or preferences but it's fine! Good Luck on your purchase!


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I’m not sure if you will find a cheap online store for any models of the iPhone Smartphone since its price is controlled by the Apple Company. Even if there is a model that slightly goes down, when it is sold in India its original price will surely be not the same after reaching the country because the store that will be selling the Smartphone will add a little percentage on the original price, of course, for their own profit.

But after checking Apple’s website, I learned that the Apple Online Store is not available in India. But even if the Apple store is not available in your country, you can still buy it from other online stores like the ones I listed below:

Sharath Reddy