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I was looking for such a software that will teach me guitar lessons automatically. Thanks to iPhone for releasing such a nice thing. gTar is great! Does anyone know when these guitars will be available in India?

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Hello Trevorvalentin,

It's fantastic that you've taken interest in the gTar. This is definitely one cool addition to the growing list of iPhone add-ons. To answer your query, there is no documentation as to when it would be released in India. This is still in the development stage and the sales operation is being spearheaded by Kickstarter. Now, the good news is, if you are really interested in availing the add on ASAP, you can get one online at the same website as an early bird (399 USD or more) and the estimated time of delivery would be on September 2012 more or less.

Good luck and keep on rocking sir!

I hope I was able to answer your question. 


Paul Pinalb