IPhone does not sync with Outlook 2003

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I have upgraded my iPhone 3G into iOS 5 . My iTunes was upgraded as well to 10.5. I use two of my computers to sync my iPhone; one from my home which is for music, apps, photos, and videos, while my computer from work is used for my calendar and Outlook contacts.

That was the sync routine ever since and it has been working fine until now that my calendar and contacts do not sync anymore. But when I checked it with iTunes, it has synched in. Plus, updates to my calendar and contacts in my iPhone are not visible in my computer after the syncing process. I tried both ways but still nothing has changed with my iPhone and my computer. No error messages are appearing either.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

The OS of my PC at home is Windows 7, while the one in my work is Windows XP. I use MS Outlook Express 2003 in my work.

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IPhone does not sync with Outlook 2003


Hi Koral,


You can try the following steps to solve your issue:

  • Go to control panel and click sync tab
  • Go to advanced dialog box
  • Click unregister after choosing your cp
  • Click your account tab
  • Hit the close session
  • Open your itunes
  • Go to menu and then edit
  • Click preference and devices
  • Hit reset sync history

For more information on how to fix your issue, please visit the link below:

Informational Site 1

Informational Site 2

I hope it might help you.


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IPhone does not sync with Outlook 2003


Follow my below steps carefully; I hope you can fix your problem by following my steps.

1. First open your MM control panel, then click on Sync tab and then click on advanced button.

2. From the advanced configuration dialog box, here you choose pc/lap and then click on “unregister” to remove your PC from this authorized equipment.

3. Then click on the account tab and then click on the close session button.

4.  Now open iTunes and then go to the menu and click on Edit> Preferences and click on the Devices tab and then click on the Reset History Sync.

5. Now, go back to MM control panel then log in mobile me. 

6.  After logged, click on sync tab and choose what you want to sync, after choosing click on SYNC NOW button.

Some extra setup:

  • If your current outlook calendar has the most current info then choose replace MM info with this equipment.
  • If your outlook calendar on me.com has the most current info then choose replace this equipment with MM info.
  • If you are not sure then choose merge in order to avoid data loss.

7. Lastly, check your calendar.

Thank You.

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