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My IPad is behaving strangely. When I try to play on track it plays the one next to it. I'm sure I'm not clicking at the wrong place because I've tried it many times. And before this problem started the shuffle was not working.

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Maybe your iPad is still using the old software or its original firmware from the time you bought it. Maybe this is the reason why you experience music skipping on your iPad. Try updating its firmware and see if it fixes the problem.

Or maybe you already upgraded your iPad to its latest firmware after this problem happened. If this is the case, try restoring your device to its factory setting to restore the gadget’s default settings.

If your device is not damaged or something, this would probably fix your music skipping problem. Or, if it still does not work, just play the track that is before your desired music or just press back or forward if the device played the wrong track.

Sharath Reddy

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Perfect! You've got all the answers to all my query Msanate. This video is really amazing. Thank you so much for the help.. Cool.