IE 8 freezes after an upgrade from IE6

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Dear All,

I got a problem with my Internet Explorer. I recently did an upgrade from Internet Explorer version 6 to version 8. What I have noticed is that my Internet Browsing slowed down a bit. It seemed that it is not on its usual self. I even encountered that after opening three tabs, it will froze down. I do not want to change browser as I am really comfortable using Internet Explorer 8 and I also liked the way I can open with many tabs, but thinking about this situation makes me feel that I made a wrong decision to upgrade it. By the way, I am using Windows Vista machine if it may pose a conflict with IE8.

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IE 8 freezes after an upgrade from IE6


Hello john

The sluggish of internet explorer 8 might be caused by the additional or corrupted add-in like adobe flash player. These can be avoided by running the latest version of the flash plug-in which ensures protection from security holes caused by add-in. You can follow the steps below to upgrade the flash player to its newest version.

  1. Remove all traces of the installed player currently on the system by downloading windows vista installer where you install and save it before running it.
  2. Restore internet explorer to its default settings by clicking control panel, then click internet explorer option and eventually click the reset button. These disables currently installed add-on to be enabled later. Here you can be able to note the improvement if the add-on were the roots of your problem.
  3. Re-install the flash player by running internet explorer then visiting flash player page at adobe .com update. Have Google toolbar installed by clicking agree and install now button. Move down to the click here to download link .click run the download box then flash player installs automatically.
  4. If the problem not solved yet re-enable previous internet explorer add-on by clicking tools then manage add-ons .right click status heading and choose group by, then status to see the disabled add-on but highly advised to keep them disabled only enable them when needed.
  5. If it’s still not working efficiently you can turn-off all antivirus or antispyware, close all internet explorers 8 and open a new fresh one. Then turn each antivirus or spyware one at a time on. If the explorer doesn’t work well one of them then upgrade it or try re-installing it
  6. If it doesn’t try resetting from within by Opening internet explorer 8,click internet options, click advanced tab, reset button and then reset to accept. To do these manually you can open internet explorer 8 and click manage add-ons and enable or disable add-ons

Hope these will help


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IE 8 freezes after an upgrade from IE6


To upgrade any software or any window application you have to think about the computer resources first, see you have enough resources to work on upgrade, as you describe that Explorer 6 was running fine on you system and when you upgrade to explorer 8 then you get the error in this case you can check these things to trace the error and then can resolve it:

  • Check there is no virus in your PC, or come with your IE upgrade.
  • Check your system resources.
  • Check for any previous installed IE do you delete it first to install a new version.
  • Check your computer performance for other programs as well.

To check your computer resources go to START and then to RUN here type "dxdiag" and  press enter a new window will open in front of you form where you can check your system properties, match these properties with the system requirements for your new IE 8 and you will see that if you need some up gradation then make it first and then install the IE 8 other wise you can use the previous version which is more suitable for you.

Check for virus and try to remove it if any virus is found in your system.

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