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I bought an iMac in September . It is the 24x4 inch model. It was working fine until the past few days,now it hooked up to my wireless router . Sometimes, when i am on the internet , the internet just would not load. I mean , when i see  the airport icon it says i am connected. I think ,the problem seems to fix itself , when i restart the computer and  just comes back in few moments . Any solutions?

Thanks in advance

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Try to remove your network modem from your computer device. Put off the cords of your base station and network modem. Then plug the network modem to the base station, put on the network modem then followed by base station, restart your computer device once the base stations signified some lights.Now  plug into the Internet using your base station.

You can also inspect your distance from the router of  Wi-Fi and limit the obstruction of connection problem. Move your router closer to your device so there will be no intervention with your network connection. If you try to connect your computer with other Wi-Fi network, then the problem might be with your Internet Server Provider.